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Beijing Eastern Micropoint Info-Tech Co., Ltd, established in 2005, is the leading anti-virus and internet security corporation. We have the most powerful and excellent team who did remarkable contribution to the information security of China. Micropoint Proactive Defense Software was researched by the most famous anti-virus expert Liu Xu and the sector-leading anti-virus team about the anti-virus and network research. We provide the security products and professional services.

Being the leading anti-virus software in China, Micropoint Proactive Defense Software integrated with some Chinese and American patents. The software founded the system based on the behavioral analysis firstly, and earned great public awareness since it founded three years ago. This system defense proactively to all types of the known&unknown malicious program from current and future threats, but doesn?ˉt relay on updating the virus library frequently, which the traditional anti-virus software can't do this.

Beijing Eastern Micropoint Info-Tech Co., Ltd will provide the most leading product and make the enterprises and consumers with minimum effort to the computer security!

Beijing Eastern Micropoint Info-Tech Co., Ltd