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Beijing Eastern Micropoint Info-Tech Co., Ltd. is a leading anti-virus and information security company of China, established in January, 2005.

Micropoint Proactive Defense Software is the next-generation security product based on the behavioral analysis technology. It can protect your PC system from the known&unknown virus, Trojan and other threats from current and future threats automatically and precisely.

trial version:90 days

After the Trial,you can update the trial serial number to continue use Micropoint Proactive Defense Software.

Key features:

  • Powerful behavioral analysis engine with "human" intelligent.
  • Effective scan engine with traditional signature and classical firewall package to filter the network attacks.
  • Excellent ability to fix and rollback the system.
  • The real-time diagram and superb log system shows the modification information of the system.
  • Determine new viruses automatically and precisely.
  • Extract Eigen Values to realize multiple defenses automatically.
  • Visualized Display of Monitoring Information.

Note:The software is in beta testing program currently,welcome to download the software.