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Tray Icon Status

question number: MP0F2008080420
question type: How-To
product type: personal
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key word: Tray Icon Status


After starting up, Micropoint Proactive Defense Software will display icon on the Taskbar of the system, different kinds of icons on the Taskbar stand for the different monitor status to the system.

Monitor Status: Micropoint Proactive Defense Software is monitoring the processes in the system right now.


Pause Status: Pause the real-time monitoring of THE SOFTWARE,, Micropoint Proactive Defense Software will not protect the system at this state.


Alarm Status: Warn the user that THE SOFTWARE has detected the harmful or suspicious programs existing in the system.


Expired Status: Prompt user that THE SOFTWARE has expired, at that time, user had better re-buy new Micropoint Proactive Defense Software and re-install it or buy the renew card number and do the extended payment to continue the extended using.


Updating is in the process: Prompt user that THE SOFTWARE is in the updating process.


Updating is completed: Prompt that THE SOFTWARE has completed the updating, and is now exiting from the updating wizard.